Embroidery and Digitizing
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Embroidery and Digitizing
We can provide you with an estimate of cost for digitizing work at no cost to you. It is highly recommended that you email us the design file in vector format because it provides the cleanest lines and is easier for our complex embroidery program to work with.  This will result in the best available designs and a more accurate estimate of the cost for digitizing it to an embroidery file.  All digitizing work is done in-house and the client owns the finished product.  We will provide an electronic file of the completed embroidery file.

Vector files we can accept are Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Corel Draw (.CDR), Encapsulated Post Script (.EPS) or AutoCad (.DXF). It's important that the text is converted to curves though, before it is emailed. If a vector file formats above isn't available, then a .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .TIF will work. If any of the listed graphic files aren't available, then camera ready art is acceptable.  To complete the estimate or even the design, typically, a vector file will need to be produced, so our graphic designer may need to redraw the design if it is provided in something other than vector to provide the best quality embroidery design possible.  In these cases there will be a modest art fee to cover our time and expenses of creating this art.

Typically, the local embroidery industry provides quotes for embroidery or digitizing in cost per thousand stitches.  However, it does not truly reflect the complexity of doing the digitizing or the embroidery sew-out.  It is a lot more difficult to sew small letters than larger letters, simply because small letters need to have thread placement placed more precisely.
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We can convert pencil sketches to embroidery files.  As noted here the file on the left is a scanned file of
the original pencil sketch.  The file on the right is the finished product used on shirt backs.
Sample 1 - Jacket Back
Sample 2 - Left Chest
Sample 3 - Left Chest
Sample of 3D or Puff Embroidery- especially popular for Caps.
Sample of Applique Embroidery.
Martial Arts Gi's and Belts